Mercury Trine Natal Moon – Transit

My Moon is in the 9th house of knowledge and higher education and rules the 2nd house of finances.

The aspect took place at 1.14am on Tuesday. I received an email about my astrological studies at 8.37am which involved my finances should I go ahead with an option as put forward in the email. It wasn’t the news I expected but on hindsight, it is the news that would aid me in my astrological goals and studies. It’s funny how the 2nd house is involved!

Actually, it was also that day when I was rather productive in my studies. There was a lot of writing and reading (ME) in them at home (Moon in 9th).

Psychologically, the transit was a time when my mind gels with my feelings or that there’s communication of my feelings. Unfortunately, I can’t recall whether this is the case!

I also thought (ME) about my home situation (MO) and rearranged a key piece of furniture in a room!

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