Sun Conjunct Vertex – Transit

I recently started to work more consciously with Vertex. When transiting Sun conjunct Dorothy’s natal Vertex, I initially thought that a somewhat “fated” person entered her life, maybe a man as that’s symbolic of the Sun.

Then I read Brady’s definition of the Vertex. It is to encounter a person, subject or an event that will be of interest. See, it’s not just restricted to a person but basically anything. I had Dorothy think hard about what had happened on the day when transiting Sun conjunct her natal Vertex.

She didn’t recall any fated person as such. There was a very pesky car salesperson, two guests that she host as guests in her home. And yes, she bought a car.

A car. Hmmm, her natal vertex is in Libra and diposed by Venus in the 3rd house of cars and transportation. Could consideration of the house location of dispositor of vertex be a key to interpretation of vertex? This seems unnecessary based on my experience as transiting Venus conjunct natal Vertex can lead to fated romantic encounters, first day at work at new job valued by a person, etc. Hmmm, the Sun represents masculine persons, fame and life journey. Actually, on the day when transiting Sun conjunct her natal Vertex, Dorothy accepted a job offer that ties in with a message of her relocated solar return. Interesting!

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