Thoughts About Berlin and Astrology

A client went to Berlin recently and I asked him about his thoughts and feelings about Berlin. He replied that he didn’t feel a vibe in Berlin per se. However, Berlin grew on him as time passes on. He was charmed by some of the people that he encountered on his last day in Berlin who all seemed to give him a helping hand. He was in Berlin for five days.

In terms of ACG, Berlin wasn’t close to any ACG lines. In the relocated chart for Berlin, the Moon is about 5 degrees on the ASC. I remembered that my client said that he didn’t feel a vibe in Berlin. His Moon is in Aquarius which is ruled by Saturn and co-ruled by Uranus. It’s no wonder that he didn’t feel much for/in Berlin. It’s almost as if he feels the city with detachment and objectivity. There might be a focus on his body and physical appearance, especially given that the Sun in 6th is disposed by the Moon. He might go to the gym more regularly or engage in exercise regimes that nourishes his body.

Moon rules the 6th house, Sun in 6th, Mercury and Mars in 5th. Moon can represent fame of some sort. When it’s near the ASC perhaps he might find fame or popularity of some sort that involves his vitality in work routines and health matters, and the energy he exerts towards communication as part of his self-expression (or equally, in conversations in dating apps!).

On an overall basis,

  • There’s a shift in an emphasis on personal houses i.e. 1 to 4 to interpersonal houses i.e. 5 to 8 and to a lesser extent, the universal houses.
  • In fact, his relocated 7th house contains 3 planets. So, there’s very likely to be an emphasis on one-to-one relationships. His relocated chart ruler is in the 7th, conjunct by Jupiter in the 7th as well. Both planets are disposed by Venus in the 7th. So, the client is likely to find his partner in Berlin, “open enemies” or be involved in significant one-to-one relationships e.g. therapy.

Other quick notes include:

  • Neptune conjuncts his relocated 11th house cusp. Friendships may be inspired, have a come-and-go quality to them, people who are not what they seem, alcoholics or drug consumers or artists and painters, etc.
  • Chiron is on the cusp of the relocated 3rd house. This suggests that he might feel inhibited in his communication or in daily commuting. Or that he has a non-mainstream style when it comes to communication and his thoughts and ideas.

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