Lunar Return

Avid readers of my blog will know that I have been observing lunar returns on and off. I went back into it again recently for the previous return.

Amongst other interpretations, Uranus in Taurus was angular on IC and Venus which disposes it is in the 8th. Certainly we could interpret it psychologically – there’s a radical urge for changes in the very roots of your being, the foundations of your life with a corresponding effect on your public self, career or social status. Which is true.

But I was thinking along the lines of IC as home. Radical changes at home? Hmmm, can’t remember any. The dispositor of Venus is in 8th so, the radical changes at home has to do with the 8th house. A deep intense transformation, emotions about home? Nah. Shared resources, taxes, drugs relating to home? Nah.

Then it hit me. The 8th house also symbolizes magic. During the lunar return, I was actively applying and experimenting with Feng Shui concepts to my home. Feng Shui is generally considered alternative (Uranus) in this part of the world and maybe even in Asian countries as well.

Wait. Venus rules the lunar return’s 9th, 4th and 5th. There’s (spiritual) knowledge (9th) involved which is fun (5th) to me.

This reinforces the point that it may be best to apply an archetypal interpretations in most cases unless you are well versed in traditional astrology i.e. medieval, renaissance astrology.

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