A Consultation Chart

This is a very interesting chart. And it reinforces certain learning points for me. Let’s look at this chart:

  • Chart ruler Venus is very strong as it’s in Libra and angular. It’s smack on the ASC. BUT, it rules the 8th house of uncomfortable feelings e.g. fear, insecurity and anxiety. In remote cases, death a.k.a. big changes are involved. Actually, you could say that the house of uncomfortable feelings are strongly felt.
  • What’s the nature of the 8th house? Let’s look at the separating aspects to Venus. There’s Mercury where Venus separated from a sextile. Mercury rules the 9th, 11th and 12th. So maybe there was something involving overseas, friends recently? Or as Mercury is in the 10th house, it could refer to a job with an overseas connection through a friend/connection and in done in the background. Maybe a job offer from overseas through a friend or acquaintance.
  • Venus is applying to Pluto by a square. So, there’s huge changes, transformation that’s going to take place. As Pluto is disposed by Saturn in 3rd, the transformations would relate to the 3rd house i.e. daily commute, sibling(s), place in which the client lives or work, neighbours, etc. In remote cases, there’s death in the family – a relative or someone.
  • What’s interesting is that Pluto and Moon are angular on the 4th. The Moon rules the 10th. So, it refers to career and the future. But the client shared that he was having a difficult time with his mother. Wow. I asked whether his mother lives with him. He said no. But his mother is upset that he has moved out of her home. Hmmm, so the fact that MC ruler is in the 4th doesn’t mean the mom is living at his place but rather there’s a connection between his mom and his home.
  • What about his home? There’s pluto there. There’s a significant change in his housing situation. Since Pluto is disposed by Saturn in 3rd which also represents places in which one lives and works, the mom is possibly very affected i.e. angry as Moon conjuncts Mars by the move.
  • But the Moon is changing signs soon to Aquarius where she will be in peregrine, which is a definite improvement on Moon in its detriment.
  • What’s interesting is that Moon is approaching Mars, the 7th ruler of partner i.e. the client’s wife. The wife receives her mother in law favourably but the latter dislikes the wife. This is because┬áMars receives Moon with reception but not vice-versa.
  • The client said that his finances has been great for the past 1 year. Interesting!! I would have thought that Mars was in retrograde and in Aquarius for the past few months, never mind the conjunction to South Nodes and his finances would have been horrible. I wonder whether it’s because of Jupiter conjunct the 2nd house cusp. NOTE: the consultation chart below is not the actual chart. It ought to be a few minutes later than 11am.
  • As I’m typing this, I wonder whether he travels a lot as part of his job as Mercury in 10th rules the 9th.

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