To Turn the Chart or Not? (Horary)

A client asked about the ongoing sale of her mum’s property. I turned the chart so that the 10th is the 1st. A few things caught my eye:

  • The turned 4th i.e. 1st is signified by Mars in Aquarius in 3rd.
  • The turned 10th i.e. 7th is signified by Venus in Virgo in 11th.

I told the client that it seems the price of the place isn’t fairly or correctly priced and that the condition of the property isn’t the best. She said no, that’s not the case at at. I was surprised and said that I’m not reading you right. Maybe the intention behind the question wasn’t strong enough.

I wondered on the way home what had happened. Then, it struck me – given that there’s only one property in question, should I even have turned the chart? Let’s look at the radical chart:

  • The 10th is signified by the Sun in Leo which conjuncts MC
  • The 4th is signified by Saturn in Capricorn in retrograde in 3rd

Ah, that makes sense now, doesn’t it?

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