Mars on South Node – Transit

I was so drained on Friday evening and most of Saturday until I went to bed. I was thinking whether that’s to do with the second consultation that I did on Friday evening.

It just struck me yesterday evening that transiting Mars conjuncts my natal South Node at 7am on Saturday. South Node decreases while Mars represents energy and strength. Of course I was feeling drained! Most interesting, I also consulted a client, let’s call her Margaret, from the past on Saturday. Her consultation chart shows a Scorpio ASC, which is ruled by Mars!

Margaret told me she was walking along a street and chanced upon the tarot card reading shop that I operate out of, by appointment. She walked in and was waiting for a reading when she saw my business cards displayed at the table in front of her (apparently, the boss of the place placed them there recently). She wondered whether it was me who had done email readings for her in the past and decided to contact me. So, she is certainly someone from the past (South Node).


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