Jupiter Opposes Moon – Transits

Margaret’s Moon is in the 7th and rules the 9th. Her natal Jupiter is in the 9th and rules the 5th and 2nd.

To be honest, I didn’t interpret the transit archetypally. Well, not enough. I mentioned to Margaret that this is a time of freedom, breathing space when it comes to her husband.


This is a time of expansion of your feelings and sense of emotional security from your marriage or close personal relationships. Your beliefs system about marriage or relationship may be involved too and be expanded or developed during this time. More specifically, your beliefs or philosophy about your values when it comes to children, self-expression or enjoyable activities may be undergoing growth. So, any fixed mental principles that may no longer be constructive to your long-term aspirations and goals may be enlarged and expanded upon to incorporate new principles.

Further Reflections

  • Look at the natal chart. Is there an aspect between Jupiter and the Moon? If not, this transit is likely to be something that Margaret doesn’t experience often – well, it’s once every 6 years of her year.
  • Give a general interpretation of Jupiter opposes Moon transit without references to house. Consider the natural significators of the Moon – feelings, emotions, home, women, mother, being a mother, etc.
  • Include the transiting aspect i.e. opposition in the interpretation as well.
  • Only then, bring in the house rulerships.


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