Sun in 7th – Solar Return

I was looking at a solar return of a client for this year. Let’s call her Margaret. The Sun is smacked on the 7th. I said to Margaret that relationships would be a big focus for her this year. She had a puzzled look on her face. I ventured further. There could be quite a lot of communication with your husband as Mercury is next to the Sun. Mercury rules the 5th so there could be communication or thoughts about children.

She told me that she and her husband had been talking about having kids (she’s 40 years old this year) and they did finally decide to try for kids.


The Sun rules the 4th. So, there’s home and family involved. Maybe there’s buying of a home or starting a family with her husband, especially given that Mercury rules the 1st too! This was actually mentioned by Margaret before we looked at her solar return. It’s uncanny how perceptive solar returns can be if you are skillful to interpret them. More importantly, house rulerships are important!

Saturn is more than 5° orb from Mercury so it’s a bit far to have any strong influence on Mercury.

It’s interesting that the Moon is in the 5th house as well. I have seen in at least two books on solar returns that the Moon is another main focus in addition to the Sun, ASC ruler, etc. The Moon can indicate what changes or fluctuates during the SR year. When it’s in the 5th, it’s another sign that children, self-expression, etc is subject to changes. Another interpretation of the Moon in SR charts is that it symbolizes the feelings, emotions and sources of emotional comfort/security. And again, that’s from children, etc.

I suppose it is equally possible for the chart to suggest that Margaret enters into an artistic partnership with a business partner this year.

Note to self: focus on the big messages! Use house rulerships! Interpret archetypally!


solar return sun in 7th

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