Venus in Virgo – Horary

I did a quick horary reading recently when someone asked “What review will I receive from the recent Airbnb guest?” I took a quick glance at the chart – less than a minute and came to the conclusion. If the review is written when the guests are still in Ireland, it would be a 3 star review. If the review was to be written when the guests are back home, it would be a 5 star review.

Unfortunately, I didn’t save the chart. I tried to replicate it based on my memory but the resulting charts don’t gel with me.

The basis of my judgement was that the signified is represented by the Sun. The Sun is in the last degrees of Cancer and about to switch signs to Leo. So, I took the sign boundary as the guests returning to their home when Sun switches to Leo. When the Sun is in Leo, where it is dignified, surely, it’s a 5 star review?

Alas! The querent received a 3 star review in the form of an essay.

What went wrong?

I remembered Venus in Virgo rather angular, on the MC. In my mind, I was like “Ah, Venus is in its fall, but it’s still a benefic. It can’t be that bad.” And then, I recalled the horary lessons. An afflicted benefic cannot express its virtues. So, it’s essentially a “malefic”.

Joseph, remember that!

P.S.: According to the querent, true to form, the female guest appeared very agreeable and harmonious but she is a nitpicker.


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