Thoughts of Poor Psychics

My personal thoughts may offend. Don’t proceed further if my crass thoughts triggers your sensitivity.

I have often thought that if psychics can predict the future, why can’t they predict the lotto numbers or the direction of the stock markets, etc and make money from their ability? I have encountered various arguments including the following:

  1. The gifts of a psychic can only be used to benefit mankind. The point is this – can your psychic gift predict the stock market, etc, even when a bet is not placed? Yes/no?
  2. The future changes all the future. Hence, it can’t be predicted. I actually read that from a professional card reader, who claims to be a psychic. Maybe the term is used loosely. This person said that the future is based on current conditions. If a current condition changes, the future changes as well. Her perspective is similar to mine where free will mixes with fate. What if I have her predict the direction of the stock market over the next 15 minutes? Can she do it?

I suppose I’m rather persistent in my thought that a psychic, based on my definition of one, can predict the future of speculative games and make a living from it. I define a psychic as one who receives messages about a subject matter with conscious effort and control. Based on my definition of a psychic, I’m not one.

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