Transiting Venus Conjunct Natal Venus

I thought the Venus-Venus combo is deadly for … winning at the bingo. It turns out that I won nothing, but I did have an enjoyable time at the local pub.

My impression of Venus is that it attracts. Sure, it’s passive but it attracts things to a person, including money. Although most astrologers would assign wealth to Jupiter.

Lesson learnt: unless Venus is associated with a gambling placement, which is not the case for me, Venus-Venus combo equals to no win.

Which brings me to another point actually. I had someone who said “Oh golly! I have a transiting Jupiter trine natal Venus very soon. Doesn’t that refer to love?” I can’t remember what I said exactly. My view is that not necessarily. Sure, Venus is a natural significator of love. However, what does Venus mean to you personally based on your natal chart? FYI – her Venus isn’t the ruler of the 7th house nor the 5th house of romance i.e. not long-term relationship.

It’s just like saying Venus is the ruler of the 8th house of death and the 12th house of imprisonment, and not in the 7th house, in a horary chart. The querent’s significator is going to aspect Venus soon. Oh my god! The querent is going to meet the love of his/her life! Context!

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