Jupiter-Venus Physical Description

More than half of the horary questions that I receive are about relationships e.g. when would I find somebody? I would usually provide them with a physical description of the love interest. And often times, to check that the chart is radical and it’s an email reading, I would describe them and almost most of the time, I would describe their physical characteristics correctly. Thank God for that… *wipes sweat off the brow”. But having the skill to describe physical characteristics can be rather important for other reasons too.

Just yesterday, I had a client who asked some questions about her daughter and her daughter’s partner. Intuitively, I looked at the 1st and 7th as Neptune is hanging around the 7th very closely. But I remembered daughter – 5th house. 5th house is ruled by Saturn in Capricorn with no tight aspects made to it. I asked the client how her daughter looked. Nah, her daughter didn’t look Saturnian at all. But more of Mercury, the Ascendant ruler, which also fits into the stories told to me by her mother. It was then when I remembered the possibility that when the querent identifies so so so closely with the quesited that the quesited is taken to be represented by the first house. Indeed, her daughter’s life is almost the client’s.

Anyhow, once in a while I would assign planetary symbolism to people that I meet or see. A few days ago, it occurred to me that this good looking fellow at the cashier is probably symbolized by Jupiter in Libra! Or maybe Jupiter in Taurus which seems less likely. A biggish, not the Sun biggish, but Jupiter biggish and he’s good looking. Oh! I remembered another cashier in a shop that I used to frequent a lot many years ago. She has the sweetest face ever. And she is extremely big, Jupiter big. She has to be Jupiter in Libra or like the man cashier above, Jupiter aspecting Venus.


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