A Case of Cosmic Whinging

Life is unfair, whines I.

The Pluto in last year’s solar return conjunct the natal Ascendant. It was an uncomfortable year for sure. Fleeting moments of depression or extreme moodiness sunk in during the solar year. But there was huge transformations as well. I know the word transformation is overused but it’s true. I passed a piano diploma exam which was a big deal for me and started teaching piano again. I had also conducted 2 piano workshops in a local library which I suppose is great. I also started betting on the World Cup using astrology. Oh yes, my natal Pluto is in the 5th.

When I look at this year’s solar return. Grasps! Pluto conjuncts the natal MC! Oh come on universe. Is that a joke? On top of that, transiting Pluto squares natal Pluto as well! And the Sun in this year’s solar return is in the 8th house using the equal house system or rules the 8th in the Placidus system. You don’t give me a break do you? How many more changes do you think I need?


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