Using Christian Astrology as a Divination Tool

Today, I happened to see William Lilly looking at me from the back cover of Christian Astrology. I wondered what would he say to me regarding the state I’m in now? You know, maybe some advice that I could do with.

I’m not sure whether “divination tool” is the right term. When I was young and religious, I would sometimes ask God to speak to me and randomly flip to a page on the bible and see what message of the Lord awaits me.

Why don’t do the same with Christian Astrology as well? I set my intention and flip to a page. It’s page 186 and 187. Page 186 says “If the Querent should continue Rich”. Page 187 is on “Of the third House, viz. of Brethren, Sisters, Kindred, Short Journeys.” Rich? Finances is a significant focus of mine. I turned a few pages back to get some ideas. Oh, “By what Means, or how attain Riches.” I could certainly learn from Lilly how to get a few bobs. I will study these few pages and maybe this is the divine help that I need.


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