Does My Partner Have a Sweetheart?

Rephrasing based on William Lilly’s Christian Astrology page 316:

Look at the planet(s) in the 7th.

If Mars is there and not the significator of the partner, yes.

If Saturn is there, your partner loves a person but doesn’t not fuck that person.

If Jupiter is there, he/she has “much ado” to be honest. Perhaps this means that s/he makes a big fuss about his/her honesty and integrity. So, no.

If Venus is there, s/he flirts but doesn’t have one.

If Mercury is there, s/he had one but not now.

If the Moon is there, s/he doesn’t have one now but will have one in the future

If the Sun or North Node is there, s/he is faithful to you and has no lover.

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