Those Seeking Their Fortunes

I had 2 clients, both sister, who had a quicky consultation this week. I used consultation charts for those consultations. They asked for another one the following week because they were amazed at the relevancy of what I told them.

My intuition said to tell them no to their request for another consultation, since they clearly fall into the fortune telling crowd. I relented. And guess what? They later backed out from wanting another consultation, which suited me amazingly fine.

Lessons learnt: listen to your instincts. For fortune telling crowds, do not, I repeat, do not EVER accede to another consultation within the next few months from the first. You have already relayed to them the message of the cosmos. The cosmos don’t have anything new to the same situation that they are going through. They need to work through their situation or at least have the patience to wait it out.

Unless they want an astrological reading, which can help them to be aware of and take advantage of any opportunities that’s available to them. But you don’t get that with the fortune seekers.

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