The Limitations of Horary Astrology

When I first started learning horary astrology, I was excited. Oh boy. I can use horary to answer every single question in the world! Indeed, it’s a very powerful tool.

As you practise horary more and more, you are exposed to even more questions from clients. And you will find that clients ask all kinds of questions. Some, not all, are especially fond of asking “Will I ever …?” or “When will I … the … of my life?” type of questions.

For the first 2 or maybe 3 of such questions, you may look at horary. Almost inevitably, the answer is no. Then you go back to the client and tell them that you can only look at the near future say within the next 1 year or for them to set a time frame or time limit to their question, which can be rather arbitrary unless they have a certain plan in mind.

After you have encountered even more of “Will I ever …?” or “When will I … the … of my life?” type of questions in your practice, you, or at least I, start thinking “Do you really want to use horary to answer questions of such permanence? Or to give definitive answers to questions of such life and death?” No, you don’t. You will want to look at the natal chart and see what the story is.

Then you will use traditional natal astrology to get the definitive answer to those questions. I find modern astrology a bit fluffy or shying away from coming up with a definitive answer to questions like “Will I ever have children, etc?” What if you are trained in modern astrology, and then horary astrology and know almost nothing about traditional astrology like me? Then the rabbit hole deepens my friend. A lifetime of learning. It never ends.


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