Venus Cycle of a Child – Horoscope

According to Lois Sargent, Venus symbolizes a child’s age from 12 to 19ish or up to 21 before the child is symbolized by the Sun. Let’s interpret a child’s chart below.

Venus in Leo. Creativity, leadership, being appreciated, receiving applause, generous, overbearing, proud.

Venus in 3rd. Lots of communication, studying, even travelling/commuting as part of daily life.

Venus is disposed by Sun in Cancer in 2nd. Life is somewhat influenced by his money, possessions and talents.

Venus squares Chiron in 12th. Feeling alone, abandoned, possibly because of the body. Feeling out of place.

Venus trines Neptune in 7th. The 7th usually represents sweethearts, lovers, spouse. For someone who’s between 12 to 19ish, being in a relationship is certainly a possibility. So, there’s romance in the air for our fellow here. Interestingly, things are not what they seem when it comes to this relationships. Unless, drinks or drugs are part of the picture. Neptune is disposed by Jupiter in the 4th. Those relationship could be hush-hush, kept private and unknown to others. Or they could be part of home and family life as well.

Venus sextiles Pluto in 5th. There’s deep, intense and serious hobbies. But taboo and hidden sex which can be addictive. Maybe an addiction to porn? Fun is dark to this lad. Pluto is disposed by Venus in 3rd. So, those fun usually involves words, communications, pictures, writing, thoughts.

Venus semisquares Mercury in 1st. Frustration with studies or communication. That inner tension pushes the lad to keep engaging in Mercurial activities.

Venus squares Uranus in 6th. The 6th represents illnesses, service to others, work. Work that comes and goes suddenly and unexpectedly. Likes lots of breathing space and space in daily life, especially in how he approaches the world.

Venus opposition Moon in 9th – 7°36′ is a bit too much for my liking.


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