Feeling Like Shit

I felt like shit yesterday. I wonder whether I can pinpoint it to anything that’s happening in the sky. Since it’s my feelings that’s involved, let’s look at transiting Moon.

  • There was a square to Pluto the day before yesterday.
  • There’s a conjunction to the Sun today at 2am. Hmmm, I thought this is supposed to be a wonderful transit?
  • There’s Moon opposition Moon today at 9.30am.
  • Progressed Moon is changing sign in a week’s time which is essentially now
  • Multiple hit Saturn opposition Mercury, my chart ruler, next week.

I wonder whether it’s the Moon opposition Moon transit that can account for what I felt today. Pure shite. Felt like slamming and destroying things. Ah ha. That’s probably because my Moon has an extremely tight sesquiquadrate to Mars.

I suppose Moon opposition Moon is a double dosage of feelings. It can be uncomfortable, which was exactly how I felt, for those who are not used to their feelings.

The opposition can be experienced through relationships, interactions with others (on a one-to-one basis) or with women. Men are more likely than women to project this transit onto women. But, what if it’s a Cancerian man that we are talking about? Would they internalize their feelings during this transit then?



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