Predicting Death in a Family

A client told me that her cousin passed away this week. She’s actually relieved at his death as he was unwell for many years.

The transit that seems “responsible” for the death is Saturn square Uranus-Jupiter which kicked in from January 2018, climaxes in July-August and ends in November 2018, depending on what orbs you use.

What does Saturn rule in Betty’s chart? It rules her 7th, 8th and Mercury in 7th. Mercury rules the 3rd and 4th and disposes Pluto on IC. So, there’s an transformative event relating to someone. That someone is someone younger than Betty or looks young. It is someone from the family or her past, perhaps her sibling or relative.

The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in 4th suggests a quick and/or unexpected freedom because of the death (4th).

There’s a secondary progression of Mercury conjunct Saturn in November 2018. If we use an orb of 6 months before and after, the progression starts from May 2018 to May 2019. Certainly, the death falls within this timeframe.

North Node conjunct her solar return IC very tightly, within a degree. Whatever that has happened in the family seems fated but fate in a good way.

Progressed Moon trined Pluto on 20 June 2018. The transformative event took place in June.

The above exercise reinforces the point that it’s horribly difficult to get the exact timing of events right. Even when I apply timing triggers e.g. Mars transits, it doesn’t quite pinpoint the exact day. Transiting Mars trines Uranus and Jupiter on 25 May and 29 respectively, which is way before the death of Betty’s cousin. Hmm, back to the drawing board.


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