Is Nikola Tesla Gay?

I was doing some poking around asexual celebrities. thetalko claims that Nikola Tesla is asexual.

Okay, let’s look at his Mars and Venus. Mars is in Libra. It is in its sign of  debilitation. Mars quincunx Neptune. As I know, whenever Neptune is involved with a man’s Mars, his sexuality is never quite what it seems. Is he gay? According to Quarto Knows, yes:

While most biographers explain Tesla’s lifeline celibacy to the kind of focused austerity required of ingenious inventors, his homosexual tendencies were well-known among members of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE), who prevented him from being elected the Institute’s president for fear that his voyeuristic and exhibitionist tendencies might become public.  For example, in his sixties Tesla struck up a friendship with the 19-year-old science journalist Kenneth Swezey, who he would often greet at the door stark naked.

Venus is in Cancer. This is a nocturnal chart, Venus has no triplicity. It is in peregrine. It conjuncts Saturn by about 9°. It is applying to a combustion to the Sun in about 3°. I wonder whether his desire for women is non-existent or very concealed because of the combustion.

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