Asexuality and Horoscope

Heads up – this is not scientifically or statistically valid.

I was looking at a client’s chart. She likes her men virile. Her Mars is in Scorpio. Hmmm, Mars is dignified. Great.

I recalled another client’s chart. She states that she doesn’t particularly enjoy sex and may identify as asexual. Her Mars is in Taurus, the sign of debility. Hmmm.

The above two cases are so different. Could it be the case that a woman is asexual when her Mars is in Taurus or Libra? I decided to look into this further.

Asexual Celebrities

Let’s examine the charts of some celebrities on this list:

Paula Poundstone

She’s an American comedian. Mars is in Sagittarius and conjuncts Jupiter tightly. Hmmm, she should like plenty of sex. Venus is in Scorpio, the sign of its debility though. Could she be a lesbian and thus, Venus represents who she’s into? Yes, according to Scientific American, Paula is lesbian. So, she’s lesbian and asexual.

Florence Nightingale

Her Mars is in Leo. It’s not debiliated though it’s in peregrine. How about her Venus if she’s a lesbian? Her Venus is in Cancer which is in its triplicity. Wait. Her Mars trines Saturn almost within a degree. According to Ranker,

Florence Nightingale is believed to have been asexual and celibate for her entire life. Some researchers believe that she was sexually inactive for religious reasons.

All right. She does have a sex drive of some sort, just that she finds it easy to be celibate (Saturn).

Emilie Autumn

Her Venus is dignified. Her Mars is in Cancer, its sign of fall. Ranker states that

Musician Emilie Autumn identifies as asexual, though she has also stated that she “never disliked sex.”

Okay, she identifies as asexual but astrologically speaking, I don’t think there’s something definite to confirm that she’s technically asexual. So Ranker’s comments are spot on.

Keri Hulme

Her Mars is in Pisces. Venus is in Aquarius. Hmmm, there’s no sign of either planets in their debility or fall. But Mars quincunx Saturn rather tightly.

Valeriya Novodvorskaya

I can’t locate her birth chart online and didn’t want to cast it.

Janeane Garofalo

Okay, her Mars and Venus are in Leo and in peregrine. Mars squares Neptune. Venus opposes Saturn and squares Neptune.


As you can see, there’s no conclusion to be reached from the above quick 30mins analysis, if you can call that analysis.

One thing is for sure – when either Mars or Venus aspects Neptune, their sexuality isn’t quite what it seems. And also, when either Mars or Venus is in peregrine, anything goes. There’s no sense of rootedness when it comes to sexuality.

When Saturn is involved, the person can deny himself/herself of sex – easily if the aspect is soft. Of course, this can also mean a fetish in bondage as well.


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