New Moon Conjunct Neptune

General Interpretation

New Moon suggests a new start. New start in what? With Neptune, it could be:

On the Physical Level

  • Helping others, contributing to causes
  • Alcohol, drugs, ocean, sea
  • Very sensitive, gentle and spiritually inclined people
  • Deceptive, manipulative people
  • Celebrities – actors, musicians, modern day magicians (people who are not what they seem to be)
  • Chaos, confusion, lost.

On the Mental, Feeling Level

  • Imagination, creativity, fantasy, intuition
  • Confused, scattered, lack of boundaries. Picking up vibes everywhere from everyone

On the Spiritual Level

  • Fanatical. This reminds me of religious zealots. Martyrdom
  • Purity. Attuned to God and the universe

There’s so many possible manifestation. The question is which one applies to you? It’s almost impossible to zero in on any particular manifestations. However, we could certainly narrow the possibilities by considering the natal chart and the nature of the new Moon.

Specific Interpretations

Let’s take the 13 June 2018 new Moon in 22° 44′ Gemini. It is the midpoint of Venus and Jupiter. Without considering the signs of these two planets, we have expansion of love, freedom of love, passive attraction, abundance of affection, indulgence, excessive luxury. Throw in Gemini, we have communication, studies, contracts, commercial dealings of any of the above-mentioned themes.

Jim has his Neptune in his 7th house. For modern astrologers, Neptune co-rules Pisces. Jim’s MC is in Pisces. Let’s blend everything together:

  • A new beginning when it comes to boundless relationship(s) involving communication of love opportunities
  • A new start relating to the spiritual dimensions of relationships where there’s increasing words of affection
  • A new start when it comes to attracting spiritually inclined people as part of a commercial contract



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