Sun Trine Pluto – Transit

Here are some generic interpretations:

Easy sense of power. What do you do with power? You use it to achieve something that’s important to you. Be careful not to abuse the power. With great power comes great responsibility, or so said Superman. I didn’t feel powerful today. Hmmm.

Transformation of yourself and/or your life direction. Are there parts of your life that requires reform? You are likely to find it easy to make those changes today.

Meeting powerful (Pluto) man (Sun). I supposed I did meet a powerful man today – Desmond Guinness, the 5th or 6th generation of descendant of Arthur Guinness.

In touch with dark, underworld stuff. I was reading up on magic today, which is rather unusual. So, I guess this transit was true to form.

Here are some thoughts on what actually happened to me:

My natal Pluto is in the 5th house. According to modern astrologers, Pluto rules or co-rules Scorpio. There wasn’t health matters. A change in daily work routine. Hmmm, not yesterday, unless it’s happening today.

I did play quite a lot of piano today (5th) which can be intense, I suppose. As part of recreation, I visited Leixlip Castle with my partner and met a powerful man – see blurb above. I won a wee sum at bingo today where gambling is under the remit of the 5th. There were no encounters of children (5th) today. As for sex, hmmmm. ;).


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