Moon Opposition Uranus – Transits

General Interpretations

Daily life or habits are filled with stimulation and excitement. Something unusual.

Coming across a most unusual woman or home.

Excitable or rebellious feelings. Emotional security or comfort from unconventional or unpredictable stuff. Emotional surprises or shocks. Responding and reacting to others in a devil-may-care manner.

Cutting a person off. Being the devil’s advocate.

May not be as relevant to someone with natal Moon-Uranus or Moon in Aquarius.

Consideration of Natal Placements

My natal Uranus is in the 6th house. There was nothing about health today. However, my daily routine did change. It’s a most unusual day. I visited the Leixlip Castle, and the Leixlip Spa and Waterfall. As the modern astrologers say, Uranus rules or co-rules Aquarius which is on the 9th house cusp. So, my mental horizons were definitely expanded today.

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