Never Make an Important Purchase During Void of Course

I bought a digital piano and other stuff from Thomann recently. I had GREAT experiences with them in the past. However, this time, the order that I have placed went somewhat horribly wrong.

I told myself that I will check the chart for the time I placed the order for the past one week but didn’t get around to it until today.

The first thing I noticed was the Moon being void of course (VoC) using the modern new age definition. Also, the Moon is in Via Combusta! Yikes! Even if I use the traditional definition of VoC (and there’s two I think, the next 30° or the next 12.5° or so.), Moon applies to an opposition to angular Uranus immediately on the Moon’s change of sign to Scorpio which makes it in its fall AND in Via Combusta. Following that, the Moon applies to Mars in peregrine in the 6th by a square although there’s reception. And then, there’s a sextile to a dignified but retrograde Saturn before making a trine to Venus. Three malefics, a fallen Moon in Via Combusta. Oh dear, it’s no wonder this online purchase went horribly wrong.

I really don’t like the angular Uranus. Something unexpected, a disruption. Yikes.

It took more than 2 weeks for the piano to arrive. It usually takes a week. The box of the piano is badly damaged and the lid of the box seems to be resealed. It seems that it’s a returned product.

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