What Time Are the Guests Arriving

I did this horary reading using TimePassages app and I got it wrong! Not to give myself excuses but I genuinely dislike looking at charts on a small phone screen AND while I’m in a car.

For a postmortem examination of where I had gone wrong, I recreated the chart using SolarFire (SF). For the strangest reason, the chart doesn’t look at what I was looking at yesterday on TimePassages (TP) – the Ascendant on SF just doesn’t match the one I saw on TP. Hmmm, it couldn’t be due to the different house system. I use Regiomontanus on SR and Placidus on TP. Could it be that TP doesn’t take into account the daylight savings time? I went to TP and couldn’t locate the DST settings BUT I saw that my location is set to London and not Dublin! Ah ha! So, it’s the location that threw me out. When the chart is cast based on Dublin, the Ascendant is 0 degrees – it’s too early to tell what time the guests are arriving! Okay, I will admit that even when the chart is cast based on London, the Ascendant is three degrees something, towards four degrees and I think to myself – this seems a bit early.


Based on the chart set in Dublin, we see that the ASC is very late. Incidentally, the intention behind the question was not actually what time are the guests going to arrive but rather are the guests going to be late? With that in mind, yes, the guests will be late. Maybe by an hour… ??

Mon perfects square with Venus in 1 degree 50 arc. The Moon moves 13 degrees 37 arc within 24 hours from noon of 9 June to noon of 10 June. That works out to be 3 hours 15 mins. The guests will be arriving at around 20:17. They arrived at 20:00 instead.

psychic reading online guests
 Based on London
psychic reading online when do guests arrive
Based on Dublin


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