Sun in 10th – Solar Return

I have learnt that when the solar return (SR) Sun is in the 10th house, it doesn’t mean that you are propelled to overnight success.

Firstly, I truly realize that there’s no such thing as overnight success. Overnight success is really a case of years of time, effort, blood, sweat and tears being expended and your success switch is switched on when SR Sun is in the 10th.

You can’t expect to achieve success, whatever that word means, if you are in a new career for months or even a few years before SR Sun is in the 10th. It’s just not realistic and not how the world works. Remember the 10th house is the highest house in the horoscope. It takes effort and perseverance to  “climb” to the peak of 10th. That is, unless your natal Sun is already in the 10th or conjunct MC. Even then, it’s a potential waiting to be realized, not already realized.

SR Sun in 10th simply means that your career and future goals and direction are in focus. It doesn’t mean success although there is certainly the potential for it. Indeed, SR Sun in 10th could mean being fired for your job as you are put in the professional limelight and exposed for who you are – without the skills to perform (Sun) in your job. I know this is a drastic interpretation but I think it’s certainly possible as one of my clients was nearly fired at work when his SR Sun was in the 10th house. He was given a high profile project and he failed to deliver.

How does a seed become a tree? Years of time. Going through death and rebirth especially in seasonal countries. Are you aspiring to grow into a tree? Maybe we can learn from nature.

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