Yet Another Lunar Return

The Moon is the 9th house of knowledge, studies, overseas trips and beliefs. Perhaps publishing or legal matters might be involved too. I expect this will be the area of focus for this lunar month for Aaron.

Other thoughts include:

  • Moon squares Jupiter very tightly. Jupiter rules the 11th. Service to groups or friends disrupts Aaron’s studies
  • Moon trines Sun which conjuncts Mercury. Studies, writing and communication about fun, romance, something pleasurable done alone.
  • Saturn is angular and sits on the 7th. I don’t like this sight of this even though Saturn is in its sign.
  • Venus which rules the 12th is on the 2nd house cusp. According to Brady, this is not good.
  • Pluto conjuncts the 8th cusp.

Comparing the lunar return to the natal chart,

  • LR ASC is in the natal 1st


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