Foray Into Lunar Return

Let’s do a postmortem of the most recent lunar return of Evan that has past.

The focus from 7 May to 3 June was the 2nd house of personal resources and values. Note that the 2nd house as 3 planets as well.¬†Evan did do his housekeeping in term of finances. He bought a piano, returned it and bought another one. So, there was indeed a focus on his personal possessions too. On this note, it’s interesting that Pluto is near the cusp of the 2nd house. There was some sort of hidden issue with the keys action (Mars) of purchased piano. More specifically, the speed of the keys wasn’t to Evan’s satisfaction. Hence, he had to return it, researched for an alternative before buying another one. Most interestingly, the second piano has yet to arrive as at 3 June which is unusual as the delivery is usually within 5 days from the date of purchase.

The tightest aspects to the Moon are:

  • Moon trine Venus – he had a few clients. Not many of them but they certainly brought in income for Evan. Venus squares Neptune directly. Evan’s clients are lost and confused. There could be delusion or deception involved.
  • Moon semisextile Neptune – Thoughts are not realistic or transitional when it comes to personal resources
  • Moon semisquare Chiron – feels wounded, abandoned or alone when it comes to personal resources
  • Moon is the focal planet of a T-square involving the Sun and Jupiter – Evan (Jupiter rules 1st) had to stop practising the piano (Sun in 5th) while he waits for his new piano (Moon in 2nd rules 8th) to arrive.
  • Moon trines MC – Evan signed 2 contracts relating to his business which holds the promise to improve his finances


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