Moon Conjunct Moon – Transit

The transiting Moon reaches the natal Moon. A lunar return can be cast. It can be used to identify the daily habits or routines which tend to be unconscious to the person, source of emotional security, the area(s) of life where the person is more likely to respond and react to. It can also work as a timing technique when it echos themes from the solar return chart.

Even without considering the lunar return chart, a conjunction almost always symbolizes a new beginning. What sort of new beginning? Perhaps relating to new daily habits, routines. New source of emotional security, comfort. New responses and reactions.

As we have Moon on Moon, there’s a double whammy or dosage of the lunar energies. There’s an emphasis on familiarity, what brings emotional comfort. Consequently, any people, things or situations that requires you to step out of your comfort zone may not be particularly appealing to you at this time.

The Moon is yin in nature, just like Venus. The yin principle draws people, especially women in the case of Moon, and things to you.


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