He Turns Me On

This is for a gay couple who broke up eventually. I do wonder whether you look at Mars-Mars interaspect for a male gay couple and Venus-Venus or Venus-Mars for a lesbian couple.

  1. B’s Jupiter and Uranus conjuncts A’s DSC directly. With Uranus so full on A’s DSC, this relationship is a wildcard. It could go anywhere. But definitely exciting and stimulating to A. B’s Venus sextiles A’s ASC very tightly. ASC also represents the physical body, the physical appearances. B is attracted to A’s body and looks. Most interestingly, it works the other way too – A’s Venus trines B’s ASC.
  2. A’s Sun trines B’s Moon by sign. A is the protector. B is the receiver.
  3. A’s Mars squares B’s Venus by sign. B’s Mars trine A’s Venus by sign. There’s definitely physical attraction going on. But at the same time, the attraction contains emotions and even repulsion. Love-hate energies going on here. Sometimes, it’s a one-sided attraction.
  4. A’s Mars trines B’s Moon. A makes B more confident, more secure. Again, there’s a romantic attraction here. A’s masculinity appeals to what B feels normal and usual.
  5. There’s no Ptolemaic aspects involving Uranus which is quite surprising based on what the client has told me!

My client told me that he had the best sex with this man. I wonder whether that has to do with B’s North Node conjuncting A’s Mars? Equally, B’s North Node contacts A’s Mercury which is also A’s chart ruler. In a way, this seems reflective of A’s experience – he acquired a foreign language in this relationship and life just seem rosier.

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