Zero Response Rate to Ad

I put up an ad on Facebook for group music classes. Surprisingly, the response and interest rate was exceedingly low. I wondered why. Maybe it’s because of the cosmic influences at that time, besides the obvious reason of great weather in Ireland?

I cast the event chart of the ad. Late ASC. Oh uh. It’s too late to post this ad. Possibly because most parents have signed their children up for summer camps already.

At least the Sun has finished its trine to the peregrine Mars. But wait, there’s hardly any applying aspect made to/by the Sun… until the square to Neptuen in about 11 degrees. Nothing actually happens and when it does, it’s a square to Neptune?!

What about the Moon? Using the modern definition of VoC, it’s definitely VoC. Even if we consider its first applying aspect after she has changed signs to Scorpio, the Moon opposes Uranus! Besides, the Moon is in Via Combusta too! She’s too burned out to do anything at 28 degrees Libra. It gets worse for her when she’s in the house of Scorpio and then she meets Uranus!

Oh dear, I have chosen the worst time possible to post the ad! Perhaps I should really set up election charts for my ads in future, which I have not done so before.

P.S.: Interestingly, the Moon’s in the 3rd house of communication which certainly describes an ad. Also, Mercury which rules the 11th and 2nd is under the sunbeams and approaching combustion… Money from group lessons are being burned away!

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