Consultation Chart

The Ascendant is in Scorpio. It’s potentially a time of great change, a time to make a big decision on whether to move forward and/or an emotional time. Sometimes, shared resources, sex or power matters may be of concern.

Mars is in Aquarius. It is in peregrine. The client may feel that he is powerless to act or unsure how to act. Mars is moving slower than average – it is going station retrograde in late June. The client is not his usual self. He feels that he is reaching a crossroad soon.

Mars is in 3rd. He is either concerned about his siblings, communication or having to make a decision of some sort. Either his health, work or employee is involved.

He’s very serious about his thoughts which he is probably keeping private. [Saturn rules 3rd and 4th]. It might involve someone else and something secretive. A lover or being secretly in love with someone? But he might decide that it’s not worth the trouble to engage with this other person.

This other person is going to come into contact with the client’s money and romance/sex easily which are heading towards this other person. [Venus trines Jupiter which receives it in exaltation]. However, the client’s money and romance/sex is likely not going to be well received by the other person.

This other person is going to approach him in about 3 months time [Venus trine ASC without frustration. Oh no, this consultation isn’t the right one. It should be slightly later such that Venus trines ASC in about 3 degrees. ]

There’s going to be a positive transition at work for the other person. It can also mean that that person leads to some romance, alcohols or drugs in the client’s personal life. [Venus trines Neptune in 4th]

The client is going to face some delay or difficulty over his finances and fun/romance/sex. [Mars squares Jupiter]


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