Why Do I feel the Way I Do?

A client (“A”) couldn’t understand her attraction to a man. She felt that her feelings were awakened or aroused by this man (“B”). Let’s have a look.

  • A’s Ascendant sign is Libra. It is also the sign of the man’s Sun. This usually indicates a strong attraction. The man’s Mercury is also in Libra. Although not as strong as the attraction involving the Sun and ASC sign, this adds another layer of attraction to the mix.
  • A’s Sun sextiles B’s Moon. A’s masculine and protection urges mixes well with B’s receptivity and domestic instincts.
  • A & B’s Venus opposition B & A’s Mars. There’s a physical attraction which may also carry friction. The attraction comes with emotions or even repulsion. Sometimes it may indicate a one-sided attraction as well.
  •  A’s Mars and Venus squares with B’s Moon. I know this is not part of the attraction. But since I’m looking at Venus/Mars – Moon/Sun aspects, I might as well cover this. There can be serious personality conflicts. A can be highly irritating to B. A’s actions can upset B.
  • A’s Uranus conjunct B’s Moon extremely tightly. Magnetic attraction. Even love at first sight. A stimulates B’s feelings. A’s Uranus squares B’s Mars and Venus. B’s Uranus squares A’s Mars and Venus. There’s sudden attractions and perhaps even overpowering desires. There is a sense of urgency to the infatuation which can be rarely lasting.

Yes, I’m not surprised that my client is turned on by the man. Uranus is hitting both the love and sex planets amongst other factors.

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