Is there Sexual Attraction?

I don’t have the birth time for both persons. So, I wouldn’t be able to see whether the ASC of a person is in the same sign of a personal planet of the other person.

Let’s look at attraction by considering the planets:

  1. A’s Moon conjunct B’s Sun by sign
  2. A’s Venus squares B’s Mars. There’s strong physical attraction but there might be friction involved too. There’s emotions or repulsion mixed with the attraction. However, the orb is wide so the description should be qualified accordingly.
  3. There’s no Ptolemaic aspect between Venus and Moon/Sun.
  4. A’s Mars trines B’s Moon. A stimulates imagination and self-confidence in B. A penetrates and B receives. P.S.: A and B are a gay couple
  5. B’s Uranus trines A’s Mars. Sudden attraction. Even love at first sight. B stimulates A’s sexual drive.


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