Is there a Gay Indicator?

A client asked yesterday whether there’s something in a chart that shows gayness. Remembering what I have read and was trained in, I told him that the answer is no. There’s no way that a birth chart could show that. I peered at his chart again. Mars in a man’s chart would represent his sexual urge. What are the planets aspecting his Mars?

  • Mars conjunct South Node
  • Mars opposition Jupiter
  • Mars trine Pluto
  • Mars opposition Neptune about 6° orb
  • Mars square Sun
  • Mars trine Saturn

I hardly think Jupiter, the Sun and Saturn would be “responsible” for his homosexuality. Pluto suggests hiddenness or a fear. So, maybe his sexuality is hidden? Neptune seems to be the “culprit”. Neptune is never clear. Anything goes. It can go either way. So, I explained to him that if there’s any planet in the chart which may help to explain his gayness, it could be his Neptune which suggest sexual fluidity.

I was thinking, maybe whatever I have read or studied in the past isn’t necessarily correct. It’s time to revisit this matter. And then, it occurred to me that I know someone gay who also has Mars trine Neptune – about 4.5° orb! Oh, this is interesting! And then, another gay with Mars opposition Neptune with about 8°! Am I on to something?

Here’s other gay men that I know personally:

  • Mars sextile Neptune by 8° orb – quite wide for a sextile.
  • Mars trine Neptune by sign – 18° orb. This is simply too wide. Mars however trines Uranus by 3°
  • Mars sextile Neptune by signs – 17.5° orb. This is again too wide. Mars also trines Uranus by slight more than 8°

Let’s look at gay celebrities:

  • Elton John – Mars quincunx Neptune by 6.5° – this is wide. Mars squares Uranus by 2°
  • Neil Patrick Harris – Mars trine Neptune by 9°. And Mars is in Pisces!
  • George Michael – Mars sextile Neptune by about 1.5°. Mars conjunct Uranus by about 9.5°
  • Ricky Martin – Mars trine Neptune by about 5°. There’s no aspect to Uranus. Sun squares Mars by about 3.5°
  • Oscar Wilde – Mars square Neptune by about 10°
  • Stephen Fry – Mars semisextile Uranus by about 1.5°. Sun conjuncts Mars by about 9.5°
  • Adam Lambert – Hmm, there’s no aspect to Neptune or Uranus. Sun trines Mars by about 6.5° though.

When I was looking at the natal charts of the above gay celebrities, there seems to be Mars-Pluto and Sun-Mars aspects. I wonder whether these are also gay indicators? This will be explored another time.

If there’s a clear correlation between Mars and Neptune being a gay indicator, I certainly hope I don’t have clients coming to me asking for periods where their son isn’t born gay. However, I hardly think that just by having a Mars-Neptune, one would be gay. Maybe there’s the 5th house of sex and 7th house of relationships that’s involved too?




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