Low Emphasis on Earth Element

One way to approach and think of the manifestation of a low emphasis on the earth element  is to think of the “earth houses” – some astrologers don’t believe in classifying the houses into the various elements. The earth houses are 2nd, 6th and 10th. Approaching our interpretation based on these houses is a great way to draw out the archetypal energies.

Earth represents groundedness, form and tangibility in terms of the five senses. When there’s little or no earth, the person is likely to feel ungrounded and possibly any of the manifestations below:

  • 2nd: Not being in touch with their physical body. Never feeling that they have enough money even if they are or were billionaires.
  • 6th: Not too inclined towards health regimes including diet and physical exercise or even having a regular routine.
  • 10th: May go from one job/career to another.

Let’s consider the psychological interpretations of the houses:

  • 2nd: difficulty with feeling secure and rooted, perhaps in one’s personal values
  • 6th: difficulty with serving others or doing with tedious and labourious work
  • 10th: Difficulty with feeling one’s place in the world or finding work that truly satisfies

When any element is low dosage in a chart, a person could respond in different ways, e.g.:

  • Import the “missing” element through a relationship/marriage with that element
  • Engage in obsessive actions to compensate for the lack – be extremely money-minded, over-exercise, be famous

Howard Sasportas in one of his books, can’t remember which one, went on to describe other ways that a person could respond to the missing element, e.g. denial.


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