Chiron in Aquarius

In my previous post on Understanding Chiron, I described my personal thoughts on the life cycle of a magical wound. Let’s apply that life cycle to Chiron in Aquarius.

What are some of the keywords associated with Aquarius (see note 1)? Even before we think of keywords, it is worth remembering that Aquarius is an air sign, a fixed sign and ruled by Capricorn and co-ruled by Uranus for the modern astrologers. It is the sign of the water bearer.

There’s two parts to air – the mental aspect and the social aspect. Socially, they can be said to be friendly and sociable and I wonder humane as it is one of the few signs that is depicted by a human being? Mentally, they can be innovative and original.

Let’s add the fixity to the mental aspect of air. This may suggest holding firm to a mental thoughts which can be perceived as inflexible, even eccentric because of the nature of thoughts. However, it could also suggest great conviction which leads to questioning of social values and structures and perhaps ultimately leading to reforms and revolutions (not sure if this is from the ruling planet(s)).

What about adding fixity to the social aspect of air? Imagine water in fixed form – an ice cube or iceberg. Imagine earth in fixed form – something tangible and solid. Imagine air in fixed form – I can’t. But it suggests to suggest something concrete and definite. It brings to my mind groups – community, society, the collective. The Aquarius person could participate, contribute, share and ultimately feel at one in groups.

We could go on and on about Aquarius. But let’s just explore originality or rather the theme of “a wound of being different” in greater detail:

Perhaps an event happened or there was a certain situation that existed – you might be exposed to matters involving your differences at an early age.

When you are physically wounded, there’s a tangible mark on your body. Your consciousness is drawn to the pain. You are more than aware of the existence of the wound – you may be very aware that it can be dangerous to be different from everyone else.

Even when it’s underneath your shirt and can’t be seen by others, it is very real to you – it’s not apparent to anyone what you are going through. And often maddeningly, they say that there’s nothing difference about you!

The pain can be so overwhelming and may make you feel so isolated from others – there could be a sense of abandonment when you become your real unique original self. This has an effect on how you manage your thoughts and feelings about being unconventional self.

Unfortunately, the wound that you have is magical. It can’t be fully healed – the same thoughts and/or feelings about your “different-ness” keep resurfacing throughout your life, in one form or other though perhaps with different intensities.

To manage the pain, you might do tons of research on it, get advice from experienced folks, etc – you might get advice, guidance or even mentoring from wise people regarding what makes you different.

So much so that you become an expert on it and are able to teach others how to heal their wounds which are the same as yours just that they are non-magical. You can show others how to heal the wound but you can only manage it yourself. – you might be a coach, a therapist,etc.

Since the magical wound doesn’t quite go away, you invent ingenious solutions to manage it – I believe in skilful channelling of planetary energies to appropriate outlets so that they are unable to wreak havoc in our lives. In this case, for Chiron in Aquarius, I believe at the very least, there’s a transmutation of some sort in how you live out your differences. As the nature of a Chironic solution is ingenuity, it is left to each individual with this placement to discover one that fits their unique requirements.

The above is just an exploration of one of the infinite possibilities of Chiron in Aquarius.

Note 1

My personal thought on this is that the so-called ABC system of astrology, i.e. giving signs, planets and houses equivalence, is very helpful in modern psychological astrology in unfolding the archetypal qualities of placements, especially in natal interpretations.

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