I Love Ireland Because …

A client relocated to Ireland and loved it! Except for his marriage. I didn’t have the time to look at his relocated chart until now.

His relocated MC ruler is Moon in Taurus which is exalted and in the 7th house. Without looking at other things, I would think that his career or public self “goes well” here, using fortune telling terminology.

His relocated 2nd cusp is in Scorpio. Mars is in Scorpio and in retrograde. In modern astrology, Pluto also rules Scorpio and is in the 1st house. Sweet. Money making potential is strong and comes to him. However, Saturn conjuncts Mars by about 4°. So, money comes by through effort, discipline, conservatism, etc.

The client came to me because of his marriage. Most interestingly, DSC is in Aries and therefore ruled by Mars which conjuncts Saturn as noted before. Ah ha! That may explain why he feels “blocked” in his marriage. That he’s not getting anywhere in his marriage.

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