Relocation Charts

I had a client who won a scholarship to do a Phd in Ireland. He has only a few more months to go and he had to rewrite his thesis!

Out of curiosity, I cast his relocated chart. Wow! Mercury conjuncts Pluto directly on his relocated Ascendant! Mercury conjunct Pluto is very reminiscent of rewriting anything, nevermind a Phd thesis!

This reminds me of another client who had Pluto on his relocated ASC too! He certainly went through hell (his own words) at work. He was nearly fired. But he did say that he’s strengthened as a person (his own words again) after going through that traumatic experience in Ireland.

Oh, this reminds me of another client who had Pluto conjunct his relocated MC ruler tightly. His own words were “going through upheavals” in his life.

The list goes on.

The wonders of relocated charts!

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