Explosive Energy: Mars-Uranus Transits

I’m focusing on the hard aspects between Mars-Uranus transits, progressions, etc. Naturally, if it’s Mars transiting, the duration of the influence is shorter than if Uranus is transiting.

When there’s hard Mars-Uranus transits/progressions, there’s inner nervous tension.

This tension can bring out the worst side of Mars – uncontrolled anger, getting into fights for no good reasons, cutting people off, destroying or damaging things, uncontrolled sexual urges, being impatient, hasty or violent, being physically violent, selfishness because it’s all about satisfying a person’s own ego, etc.

The tension can also bring out the worst side of Uranus – behaves rebelliously, disruptively or erratically, only concerned with what one thinks is right, willfulness, doing something in spite of (well-intentioned) advice and opposition, being like a dictator, cutting situations and people off which could lead to separation, divorces and affects relationships at work and other areas of life, etc.

As there’s so much extreme energies during this time, if they are not properly expressed, there could be

  • Accidents in general sometimes through fire, weapons, machinery, tools, etc
  • Health problems due to extreme tension that are not expressed but kept within the body
  • Naturally, the modern person doesn’t live in a vacuum. The person’s behaviour affects the partner, kids, family, people at work, neighbours and the community, etc.


The question is how to express those energies constructively during this time. Here are some possibilities.


Physical activity. Perhaps independent sports or sports involving non-human objects would be the safest. I can visualize someone choked with extreme energy – frustration, etc being a boxer in a boxing match. Unless there’s Saturn or some planet softening Mars/Uranus in the birth chart, the other boxer may be injured or even die because of the uncontrolled lashing of energy from the other person. Here’s some ideas:¬†Any solo sports in safe boundaries (Saturn doesn’t just restrict and limit. He does it to protect) e.g. swimming in a pool, solo squash, running, lifting weights, trampoline, punching into a sandbag, lifting tires and heavy ropes, etc. Any safe physical energy to drain the person of his/her energies. Perhaps sports involving speed in a controlled environment may the key to use up the energies.

Going for rides in fun fairs, theme parks. Safety first!

Have quick sex or masturbation or kinky/experimental sex. Elevator sex. Hmmm, Mars-Uranus conjures in my mind the flasher! Avoid that. It’s socially disruptive. And vibrators surely belong to Mars-Uranus or actually Venus-Mars-Uranus? Exciting sex. A quickie in a public place. Hand job under the table cloth in a restaurant. Uranus symbolizes electricity. I googled “sex electric” and interesting results showed up: “I Tried a Sex Toy That Promises Orgasms Via Electric Shock” and Wikipedia’s entry of “Erotic Electrosimulation“. Totally not my thing but I did a search for your benefit.


Initiate changes in your life – the exact area(s) of life depends on the natal/horary placement. Those changes should be original and exciting with the ability to revolutionize that part of your life, especially if there are any restrictions – societal, familial, others or coming from within.

Find projects or outlets that excites and stimulates you. Siphon the energies into your chosen project(s).


If you are depressed during this transit, it may be that you are withholding yourself from starting/doing something that you need to be doing. Depression is Saturn’s role. Uranus’s role is break free from it.


It really depends on how you define spirituality which conjures in my mind Neptune and Jupiter first. Mars, Uranus and spirituality. Hmm, they don’t quite go together or it’s not something that you associate them readily. Unless you become a religious zealot and go jihad (I have poor comprehension of this term. No offence intended if I have used it incorrectly) which is certainly another possibility. Spirituality, to me, is more about trusting, letting go, etc. Mars is to act. Unless you go into zen mode – to do nothing is to act. But that’s more like Mars-Neptune, isn’t it?

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