Will I Marry My Current Partner?

The client’s partner is overseas now. The client is keen to know whether the two of them will end up marrying each other?

My initial thoughts are no. But the client seems delighted with this relationship and talks very positively of this relationship. I did see a way out which suggests that the two of them will settle down together. A friend or a sibling will have to bring the two of them together. Perhaps finances and communication will be involved.

However, if you ask me for my honest opinion, I will be surprised if they end up together.


  • Sun – Saturn – there’s no applying aspect between them
  • Moon – Saturn – yes, there’s an applying aspect between them by opposition.
  • Collection by Jupiter and Mars – there’s no collection
  • Translation by Mercury – yes! Mercury rules the 2nd, 3rd and 11th. Mercury is on Schedir and Hamal – which signifies being good for astrology and writing; head injury, suffering in love or unluckiness.

Other notes:

  • His partner is represented by Saturn on Facies. Partner is logical, detached and reserved.
  • Uranus is on MC
  • Moon applies to Saturn by opposition. Saturn is the traditional significator for separation.

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