Will I Get a Job After Graduation?

A client asked whether he will get a job after completing his Phd. If so, when?

It seems very likely that he will get a job. [

  • Sun and Mars – Sun trines Mars.
  • Moon and Mars – there’s no aspect
  • Mars and ASC – there’s no aspect.
  • There’s no translation or collection.
  • Sun – planet in 10th – there’s no aspect.
  • Moon aspecting a planet in 10th – yes. Moon sextile Mercury.]

It is likely that he gets a job within a month from graduation. [The Sun trines Mars in about a degree after it changes sign to Gemini. Sun is in an angular house. Moon sextiles Mercury in less than a degree]

We also look at job opportunities based on the client’s natal chart using forecasting techniques.

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