Will I Find Employment?

The client’s concern is about his finances and career. [Mercury is in 3° Taurus. It is moving at average speed. It rules the 1st, 2nd and intercepted 10th.]

The client is well-regarded by employers. However, I don’t see any immediate employment showing up for the client. [

  • Mercury – Venus: there’s no aspect but there’s mutual reciprocity which is a “get out of jail” card!
  • Moon – Venus: there’s no aspect between these two planets
  • Moon – Mercury: there’s no aspect between these two planets
  • Collection: there’s no (viable) collection
  • Translation: there’s no (viable) translation]
  • Moon in combustion: thankfully, the Moon is separating from the Sun. But it’s still a new Moon nevertheless. Moon can signify employment which is being “burned”. Nada.

The best bet for the client is to engage with an ex-boss, an older person that’s in authority. This person is likely to be good-looking. The person may look young for his age and usually communicative or is a rather thinking person. His appearance or dressing may be different. He might be seen as unconventional in how he approaches things. This person and the client may look after each other’s interests. [Venus in mutual reciprocity with Mercury. Venus in Gemini. Mercury conjuncts Uranus.]

Money is heading towards the client’s way. [

  • Mercury separated from a conjunction with Uranus (9): this could relate to the layoff from the client’s work.
  • Mercury separated from a square to Mars (5). Mars rules the 9th and 4th: this could represent someone, usually a man, from home who is overseas.
  • Mercury applies to Saturn (5) by trine. Saturn rules the 5th and 6th. I didn’t discuss whether there’s any children involved for the client.
  • Mercury applies to ASC by trine. See below.


  • Venus squares 2nd.
  • Moon trines 2nd
  • Mercury trines ASC. Mercury rules the 1st and 2nd.]

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