Commit to Starting this Business with Loan and Baby on the Way?

Client asked whether she should start a new healthcare business. In order to do so, she will have to get a loan of 50k with a baby due to seven months.

The client is anxious. [The new business is represented by the 10th and ruled by Mercury. Mercury is in Aries (in its term) and in the 8th. It’s no coincidence that Mercury is in the 8th house of loans as well.]

Thoughts of unfulfilling or onerous work and a child on the way may have prompted the client to consider the business opportunity. Perhaps with the potential for making loads of money. However, the business will take time to take off, which is not unusual of new businesses. [Mercury separated from a square to Saturn which rules the 5th and 6th. Mercury on fixed star Alpheratz which represents honor, wealth, good fortune. Or possible violent death. Mercury is moving slower than usual.]

I don’t know the looks of this. The business and the child/foetus getting in the way of each other. I fear a miscarriage if the client was to go ahead with the business. In any case, the client is going to wrap up the business or there’s going to be something very unexpected and sudden that has the potential to disrupt the business. [Mercury squares Pluto, then Mars, and then conjunct Uranus.]

The client’s finances is so-so but based on whatever she has, she can certainly act. Education/training may be involved as part of this business. The client did say that she has to go through training as part of setting up the business. [Venus is in peregrine angular and rules 2nd and 9th.]

The story is that her colleague approached her with the idea. Her colleague will assist her to set up the business while she remains in employment. I asked her how well does she know her colleague as there may be integrity issues on hand here. Also, her colleague may not be how she presents herself. [Neptune is angular]

I asked her whether she has considered all the pros and cons of starting a/this business as it seems that she gets back less than what she puts into the business, especially given the loans, loss of employment status and having a baby soon. [Moon opposes MC and Venus]

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