Adopt the Dog?

I saw a lovely Jack Russell Terrier and Chihuahua cross dog that was found abandoned on the Facebook page of the local community. I thought that she might be the one for us!

The cosmos seem to be saying no. Read ahead for the analysis.

[There’s an early Ascendant. So it’s really too early to tell whether this is the “right” dog for us to adopt. Or that it’s a premature decision. Which is true as we have only begun to have thoughts of adopting a dog, preferably from September onwards.

The 6th ruler is Mars. Mars just changed sign from Capricorn, its sign of exaltation to Aquarius where it is in peregrine. Indeed, it’s lost and doesn’t belong to anywhere or anyone. This only happened very recently which is true as she is only founded abandoned today i.e. 16 May 2018.

Mars separated from a square to Uranus. This description is very apt as it’s a literal separation (Uranus) from another person (7th). The separation was difficult and challenging to her (square). Presumably the separation or abandonment by the previous owner was due to some thoughts/decisions involving children or fun (Mercury rules turned 3rd and 5th). Maybe it was first purchased or acquired for the children as is the case for many dogs?

What was of concern to me is the square between Mars and Uranus. It suggests to me that the dog has erratic and potentially destructive energies, especially if there’s no outlet or avenue for her energies to be funneled somewhere. This seems to be coming from the Jack Russell Terrier bit of the dog.

The next aspect would be Sun changing signs and making a trine to Mars. The Sun rules the 10th or turned 5th from the 6th. I see the 10th as the public although that is signified by the Moon as well. So, the public or someone from the public would be coming in touch with the dog in about 4 days time (or it can possibly be 4 hours??). I don’t quite like the South Node being that near the IC or 4th house of home. The next aspect made by the Moon is a square to Neptune on the 5th or turned 12th. Disappearance of fun?

Based on the above, I don’t think it’s a good idea to adopt the dog.]



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