Where are the Guests?

We have been waiting for the guests since maybe 5.20pm. It’s already 6.21pm. Where are they?

They are not near us. Quite far away actually. Actually, I think they are on the bus. [Give the 7th to the guests. Mars is in 3rd house, a cadent house. Mars is in the 3rd house which is North by East. This makes complete sense as from our place, the bus would have been travelling from North by East.]

In fact they could be lost and wandering around. [Mars in Aquarius in peregrine. Moon which signifies them is in peregrine as well.]

They could be anxious or nervous actually or under some stress. [Mars squares Uranus in turned 1st]

Perhaps due to an unexpected communication or transportation [Uranus is disposed by Venus in 3rd].

It looks like they are going to be lost, disappear from our radar or confused before we meet them. [Moon trined Mars. It’s going to apply to Neptune in 5th and then Venus which represents us. In fact, this was actually what happened. We finally met them at about 19:21 which is about an hour after the chart is cast. Also, the Moon which also signifies them is a square to Neptune.

I didn’t actually ask when we would meet them but rather where were they. Just out of curiosity, let’s see whether the chart reveals the timing to us. Moon conjuncts with Venus, ruler of ASC in about 14 degrees. That’s can’t be 14 minutes. In fact, using minutes as the unit doesn’t make sense as it would mean that we were in touch contact with them 12 minutes ago – the Moon trined Mars. But if we take 5:20pm as the starting point of our initial supposed contact. Then, 12 degrees and 22 seconds equates to about an hour. Then 14 degrees 2 seconds equals to about 68 minutes after 18:21 which is 19:29. This isn’t too far off from 19:21 where we actually met them.]

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