Should I Meet Up With Her for Coffee?

Someone emailed me with a scathing email (this is a great story incidentally) and reminded me of our coffee catch up which hasn’t happened yet. 

Should I meet her for coffee in spite of the contents of her email? The answer is no. Analysis is as follows:

[Late ASC and DSC. The opportunity for coffee is long-past.

I am represented by the Sun and Moon which is in cazimi and in the 10th house. Hmm. Nice. Even though the Sun is in peregrine but it’s in the 10th house. It has the ability to act despite not being strong. However, having said that I’m also represented by the Moon which is in its exaltation and in Cazimi too. So, I aint that bad.

The other person is represented by Saturn which is in its sign but in retrograde. Saturn is moving at its average speed. Most interestingly, Saturn rules turned 12th and 11th. In her initial emails to me, I had the impression that she wanted to know this new kid on the block i.e. me although it is clear in her most recent email to me that she perceives me as her competition. Most interestingly, the turned 12th has South Node and Mars nearly conjunct the cusp of it. Perhaps she has a secret motive or agenda of some sort relating to the “friendship”?

Are there any contact between Sun/Moon and Saturn? No. What about translation? Mercury is blocked by Pluto and it’s doubtful that Mercury can catch up with Sun. Venus can’t translate the light. Jupiter might be a middleman between the two of us assuming there’s no blockage along the way (I didn’t check) but I don’t like the opposition between the Sun and Jupiter.

Let’s look at the reception between Saturn and Sun/Moon. If Saturn was to receive Sun/Moon, it would be in his sign of detriment. The woman dislikes or even hates me? Oh dear.

What’s more, I’m on the fixed star Capulus. Blindness. I’m blinded.

There’s not much going on to support going on a coffee meet with this woman.]

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